Holly hobbie
Holly hobbie. Holly debe preparar una fiesta para su su tia Jessie. Recoge las manzanas, regalos, invitaciones y música antes de que su tia llegue a casa. Valoración: SC
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One reader sent these conemmts via e-mail:When my Granddaughter was small church was sometimes hard for her. After a bit she would get antsy and bored and wiggle and squirm. So I used this idea: I had a little girls lunchbox with the Smurfs on it. I went out and bought some special Sunday only small toys etc. and put in the box. The only time it came off the shelf was for Sunday Church! She was anxious to open it and play quietly on the pew seat while we enjoyed the service. It worked so well I made one for a Grandson later on. Every once in awhile you can sneak a new item or surprise in for them to discover on Sunday morning.
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