Bad Kids Racing
Bad Kids Racing. Elige coche y piloto para correr contra otros bólidos o contra un amigo, recoge dinero y gana carreras para avanzar a las siguientes. Entre tus oponentes hay chicos malos que tratarán de evitar que ganes. Valoración: 8
Controles del juego
Usa los cursores para conducir tus coches
Espacio = Acelerar
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I want to learn to race, I get my used chair tomorrow and I get my new one as soon as I raise enuogh money. My son races and is really good at it although he uses his gifted feet. I want to do this too. I will give me an outlet and a hobby and I know I will do good at it. I have been going to the gym 5 days a week to get ready. Hope the used chair fits well enuogh to learn with. Now just need someone to teach me. I live in Indiana but could get to Champaign IL easily but know you are busy Anjali. If you ever have time I would love to learn from you. I know nothing at this point except what I have learned on the internet.
Nombre: ucwRJHCMzhSglPRojz

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