Dodgeball. Clásico juego donde tienes que eliminar a los jugadores del equipo contrario dandoles con la pelota. Valoración: 8
Controles del juego
Usa el ratón para moverte, lanza la bola con el botón derecho
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I thank you humbly for shinarg your wisdom JJWY
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Maybe we should pad the flroos and wall as well, because if a child is running and falls they might get hurt. GET A GRIP. If you don’t want your child to play, tell them not to. If kids are not agile or fast enough to play something then they should not play. I was not tall enough to be a basketball player, should they disallow basketball also. I also was not big enough to play football, will that be banned, I think not. I was fast enough to run track, and yes there were some heavy kids that could not run track so they didn’t. Teach your kids to deal with life, don’t ban things because they can’t win, all you are doing is making them week. This is also true for the crap of every kid gets a trophy , no, everyone doesn’t win, someone has to lose, that what makes winning, winning . 1st place is the winner, 2nd and 3rd were close, everyone else lost. Deal with it or don’t play, but don’t try to take things away from the ones who can deal with loosing or want to play just because it’s fun.
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